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          Xiaomi mi YI Waterproof Selfie Stick(Black)

          The selfie stick can be extended to about 70cm.The tie rod adopts aluminum alloy anode oxidation technology, and the handle is made of silica gel material.Has only one button which can be used to turn on the camera, switch modes, take a photo, or start and stop a video. Pressing the shutter button can turn the camera on. Once the camera is on, pressing the shutter to start a photo or video. Holding down the shutter switches between photo or video.
          Manufacturer: Xiaomi
          Availability: 12 in stock
          Free shipping
          Delivery date: 1-3 days

          Xiaomi YI Waterproof Selfie Stick(White)

          Product Description

          • Brand:Xiaomi
          • Model: Mi YI Selfie Stick
          • Color:Black
          • Type: Sports
          • Material: aluminum
          • Bluetooth: 4.0
          • support:Action Camera And Mobile
          • Rotates: 180°
          • Battery:1100 mAH
          • Comunicacion: Bluetooth remote
          • Power: USB cable
          • Controls range:131 feet
          • Waterproof: Yes
          • Weight:0.212 kg

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